she isI am sitting in a room

is the story of Nia. She is agoraphobic and can no longer visit cinemas. As a response she has begun to make what she calls “a film for those who can’t go to watch films”, an adaptation of Alvin Lucier’s 1969 sound piece, “I am sitting in a room”. But she has found that the scenes she has written have become more like fragments, and the film itself, more like a poem.

I’ve put up a few of these fragments, some of them in the shape of a beginning, but I’m still working on these, the others, and how they all fit together.

The Raveller’s Bind

is a YA story about two sisters; about threads of small discoveries; about tangles of rooms and borders, craft and magic, remembering and forgetting, facing danger and forging hospitality.

Ideas for Collective Public Storytelling

These are some ideas for collective storytelling projects in the city of Bath. They would bring together groups and individuals from across the city, from many different backgrounds, histories and perspectives. They would work with each other, challenge each other, challenge the usual stories of the city, of who it belongs to, who it is for. They would make something new in and out of the city, something that illuminates what the city was, what it is now, and what it might become.

I think they could do this through the idea of attention through imagination; through questioning how we might pay attention to the world around us, the people around us, through acts of imagination; how we might reveal things to ourselves and others through the attention drawn by the things we make.