She isI am sitting in a room

  1. different from the one you are in now
  1. struggling how to pull them back
  1. their necks have slipped
  2. and my fingers are wet
  3. from drawing faces on the window
  4. and something’s bumping against the light
  5. it’s got itself stuck
  1. in the shade
  2. and the light’s stuck too
  3. and your mouth is hidden behind your knees
  4. it might as well be your eyes
  5. I’ve decided
  1. it’s better that way
  1. because when I get the rooms close enough
  2. for you to smell their burning edges
  1. or make them spin
  2. like candyfloss
  3. like a zoetrope
  1. then
  2. they’d be one thing again
  1. boys playing leap frog
  2. or a cell on a glass slide
  1. a bubble beneath the surface of a nighttime swimming pool
  2. or a cat’s eye marble
  3. cold against your feet
  1. it’ll feel cool
  2. and then you’ll notice
  3. that we’re the twist of colour