1. it was meant to be a film

Fade in

Int. Flatshare. Morning. Late Summer.

An empty chair…

  1. only that and the sound of two people
  1. first

Audrey (O.S.)

I still think it should be you.

No words in reply, but we hear her laugh at what the other person is doing.

  1. then me
  2. pushing myself away

Nia (O.S.)

serious now No. It has to be you.

  1. I was watching the house martins in the wind
  2. and saw two collide and she said she’d seen the same thing
    1. happen with bats
    2. once
  3. although it was hard to be sure
  4. because of the dark maybe
  5. the bats were the night twitching
  6. and she caught her salad against her chin with the back of her hand
  7. and struggled to get it all back in her mouth
  1. and I said that’s funny
  2. because twitching’s the name for what I was doing
  3. and even though it was
  4. the middle of the day
  5. it felt like talking in the early hours
  6. and I told her
  7. I like watching when they eat in films
  8. it always make me hungry
  1. I like how they hurry when they’ve taken too much
  2. and they can’t say what they want to say
  3. and how in cinemas rooms are called screens
  4. and how a film on a screen grabs distance
  5. in pleats
  6. maybe there’s a name for that too
  1. that way they can open it back out like a fan
  2. or fold it into the smallest spaces
  1. she asked me how it was going
  1. well
  2. the thing is
  3. I don’t think that’s something I could do

We hear the sound of the room as they carry on getting ready. Hear Nia getting up, them moving things around, not talking, not seeming to be doing anything. Then a door opens and closes as Nia exits, Audrey moves through and sits on the empty chair, sheets of paper in her hand. She puts them on the floor, takes out her phone, checks how she looks, puts the phone with the paper and looks to the side.

Int. Flatshare. Earlier That Day.

The same chair, in the same place, empty again. We hear another chair, tilted back then down.