She isI am sitting in a room

  1. the doors and curtains closed
  2. the shelves and drawers emptied onto the floor
  3. all your sounds are out of place
  1. the early padded silence
  2. and the flip back of the branches
  3. the choked steps
  4. made night in day
  5. spoiling in the morning thaw
  6. I want to read them like letters again
  1. like we are folding a sheet together
  2. or folding a room
  3. into the sound of the rain
  1. is like a fire dying out
  2. or fat spitting
  3. or the stuttering turn of a spool
  4. unwinding
  1. or read the words as shapes
  2. sparse
  3. black on white
  1. like I could take them outside
  2. and wrap them around the bars of the fence
  1. an avenue of birch trees
  2. with wires that grow like branches
  1. I want their barbs to fall like seeds