She isI am sitting in a room

  1. buried under blankets of quiet and noise
  2. waiting for the cars and buses
  3. or a truck which makes the lights vibrate
  4. or the people upstairs shutting doors
  1. or walking or running
  2. or when she makes the baby laugh
  1. sometimes they play a game where they all jump at once
  2. and the room shakes
  3. and everything might come crashing down
  4. sometimes
  5. I’m already awake
  1. listening as they talk
  2. or as they fall into a quiet like
  3. the flickering screen of a muted tv
  4. then
  5. when I think they won’t hear me
  6. I talk to myself
  1. words which sound like
  2. figures cut from paintings
  3. or like swallowing
  4. or
  5. when I cry
  6. like blocks of blue
  7. rolling from my tongue
  8. like dice
  9. like a list of indictments
  10. like I’m singing myself to sleep