She isI am sitting in a room

  1. you are on the ledge outside
  2. nothing on your feet
  3. a blanket around your shoulders
  4. and when I climb through for the last time
  5. the open window is like a hatch cover
  6. then a breeze
  7. then a coastal road
  8. or a stopping train
  9. and we are moving the way the images do
  10. against the dirt on the glass
  11. a library of light
  12. punch-drunk stillness
  13. what the world will look like when we are gone
  1. you say we should jump down
  2. get someone to send our stuff on
  3. or leave it
  4. there’s not too much of it anyway
  1. I picture watching you do it
  2. and then on the pavement smiling up at me
  3. telling me I can do it too
  4. but I can’t
  5. and if we ever sit here again
  6. a long time from now
  7. there’ll be water here instead
  8. up to our feet
  9. faster than it looks
  10. and we’ll carry little museums
  11. double wrapped in plastic on our backs
  12. other people’s things that we have fished from the water
  13. pictures of how it was before
  14. when the islands were hills
  15. when there were still beaches
  16. glass bottles half full of sand
  17. like urns
  18. like old lies about how slow the world changes
  1. if you jumped down then
  2. the current would be too strong
  1. I shake my head
  2. rest it on your shoulder
  3. hold you in place
  1. grab your foot with my legs
  2. press your hands between mine
  3. as if the warmth could ask the cold
  1. do you think it will change what love is
  2. when the world ends
  3. or
  1. did I mention
  2. the constant shock I feel
  1. to be scared
  2. to lose
  3. someone
  4. again